History of Vizuri Health Center

Our Vizuri Story.

This is the story of how Vizuri Health Center began. The Schenck family is an integral part of this story and the success we have achieved today. I am forever grateful to my beautiful and talented wife Nina, and our four amazing children; Rhiana, Cyrus, Lazrin, and Kyala. I appreciate all of the patients, partners and team members who have helped me along the way and continue to help Vizuri become the preeminent natural healing center of Vermont.

- Dr. Bill Schenck

Mud season of 1990 – Nina and I visit Vermont after selecting it by listing the qualities we wanted in a place to live and raise a family. We had one child and another on the way. People said: “Boy if you like it now (mud season), you’re going to love it any other time.”

January 1991 – My father and I spend at week doing a demographic analysis of Chittenden County, VT to determine the best location for an office (this was pre-Google days); we picked Essex Center.

July 1991 – With a U-Haul, two children and a dream we left Chicago and moved to Vermont.

August thru December 1991 I personally knocked on over 5000 doors, meeting 1000 people face-to-face in Essex and Jericho. I was asking questions about the area to be certain that we picked the right place to live – we did.

January 7, 1992 we opened Schenck Chiropractic on Center Road in Essex. With less than 1000 square feet we quickly outgrew the office. (Now with three children in our family!)

February 1994, after looking at 14 locations in Essex that fell through, we decided to move the practice to Williston. We were located on Route 2A across from what is now Starbucks in Maple Tree Place (our fourth and last child was born 1993!).

From 1994 to 2008, over the next 14 years we grew, expanding twice in the Route 2A location. We added new services in active rehab, expanded the nutritional services and focused on taking care of families and children; in 2007 we added a Physical Therapist.

In September 2008 we needed yet more space for our growing team and patient services. We moved to our present location at Cornerstone Drive in Williston and created a space with the look, feel and energy which embodies our values and foundations. In 2009 we brought on a Nurse Practitioner to our team and added the incredible First Line Therapy program to complement our services.

As we incorporated additional services into the practice and patient care, it became clear in early 2011 we were no longer 'just' a chiropractic office. We wanted a name that encompassed the comprehensive approach to health. While the vitalistic/chiropractic model was our foundation, we needed to transform Schenck Chiropractic into a name that promoted our overarching message of all the services we provided. After months of deliberating, Vizuri Health Center came to life. From the Swahili meaning "be well", the word Vizuri clearly represented to us not only our history, but also the future of practicing health care in VT.

As a nation, state and community we are at a nexus with regards to our health and health care. I believe it is time to re-establish health care, not as a drug-based model, but as a partnership between you and your health care team to restore and then maintain your health for a lifetime.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Bill is amazing! He has so much knowledge and truly wants to help all his patients. I believe he is one of the main reasons why I was able to have an all natural child birth."
    Clara R.
  • "Dr.Bill teaches me something new every time I see him."
    Matt S.
    Martha S.